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Welcome to the inaugural edition of SIMONIZED! – the monthly newsletter for all things Crest.

This first issue is meant to be a recap of noteworthy events from February. I know, I know…it’s a little late. You could’ve had an uglier version 3 weeks ago, but I believe it’s worth the wait. It was REALLY ugly. In addition to providing a review of the previous month, we hope to provide insights into the present state of affairs, as well as a look into the future. And it’s named after the man himself, Simon Kaplan — the reason why we’re all here. So here it is then! Enjoy!

As you should all know by now, the Idea Network went live on February 29th just shortly before the end of the business day. The response has been amazing, as we’ve received many ideas from every corner of the company, including 8 in those last couple of hours of February!!!

Every idea that is submitted is discussed by the Idea Network panel to determine the viability and assigned a point value from 1 to 10, illustrated thusly:

10                                                                 1

For us, the BEST ideas are the ones that will either save the company money OR help drive additional income. But with that being said, we encourage EVERY idea, because each submission has the ability to spark a conversation that could lead to something great!! Crest has always thrived on one simple concept: Continuous Improvement. And every Team member’s voice is equally important in providing the fuel for that improvement.

We would like to thank the following employees for their February contributions to the Idea Network: America Munoz (Dayton Office), Brenda Platt (St4), Christina Caracappa (St55), Genevieve DeLucia (Dayton Office), Karen Mollo (St54), Nick Tremblay (St13), Patricio Vera (St5), and William Davis (St51).

We will keep a running tab of all submissions and points earned. These will accrue quarterly, and the employees who accumulate the most points earn the opportunity to spin our fancy prize wheel!! Since we started in the middle of a quarter, this first accrual period will run from February 29th through June 30th. We have quite a few submissions that we’re already excited about and I will use this space to let you know whenever one of your notions gets set into motion. Thanks again for all of your participation up to this point and we look forward to seeing what you come up with next!!!

Crest Best!!!

Circle of Excellence!!

We recently held our Circle of Excellence luncheon, our quarterly celebration of the Top Sales Performers for 2023 Q4. Due to the overlap of talent, we also took this opportunity to recognize our Million Dollar Sales Associates from 2023. This luncheon gives our greatest Sales minds a chance to get together and discuss best practices, talk about future opportunities, and eat cheesecake.

Here i$ a recap of $ome of the Million Dollar achievement$, a$ well a$ a brief overview of the chee$ecake:

And this is what winning looks like!

Pictured from Left to Right: James Aggie (St49), Christina Caracappa (St55), Terri Jurik (VCF DM), Ashley Picerno (St51), Joe Gallo (ASH DM), Ada Romano (St54), Mark Scott (EVP Sales), Kevin Kievit (St7), Kirk Atkinson (St55), “Your Friend in Furniture” and mine! Sara Appell (St52), Brenda Platt (St4), Kellie Chamberlain (St52), and Gene Serpentelli (St7). (Not pictured: Moulay Alidrissi Omari (St53) and Maria Brophy (St52), who were almost definitely holding the camera.)

While EVERY employee in EVERY department is absolutely integral to our business, it’s always important to remember that without the Sales Team, the rest of us don’t have anything to do!! Congratulations and THANK YOU to our Sales Team and extra thanks to our Top Performers!!

Service Representative of the Month!!

February’s Outstanding Service Representative was Jeimily “JJ” Gonzalez. She is a relative newcomer to the Service Department, starting in October of 2023, but in the 4 months since joining us, JJ has racked up THREE Service Rep of the Month awards!!

In February, JJ handled over 17% of all incoming and outgoing calls to the Service Department, always providing a high level of customer service. And getting better every day!

So please help me congratulate JJ for her exemplary work in assisting customers and supporting our Service Department. And also congratulate our Lakewood, Green Brook and Conshohocken stores for winning the lottery on their Service Rep Assignments!!

Delivery Driver of the Month!!

Our Top Delivery Driver for February was Dagoberto Zuniga of Final Approach Services!! Dagoberto has been a consistent top performer for Crest for a while now, but this marks his very first Driver of the Month honors! In the month of February, Dagoberto handled 601 pieces of furniture with ZERO driver-related refusals or service calls.

As the last point of contact with our customer, driver performance is a huge opportunity to help improve the customer’s experience. Crest’s success is dependent on every person in every department doing their absolute best, and Dagoberto’s excellence is the perfect example!!


Now, let’s take a moment to put the spotlight on some of our Valued Employees who celebrated Crest Anniversaries in February:

Kevin Hahl — that’s me, I’m him! — 22 years!!!

Viviana Maldonado of Millville — 13 years!!

Kelly Riley, the Queen of Finance — 12 years!!

Michael Sammy of Bayonne — 5 years!

Mattina Davies of Cherry Hill — 4 years!

Lauren Massaro, Service Manager — 3 years!

Dawna Reineck of Deptford — 2 years!

Matt Auslander of Lakewood — 2 years!

Lydimary Gonzalez, Delivery Manager — 2 years!

Charles McCullough of Fairless Hills — 2 years!

Donna Jamison of East Brunswick – 2 years!

And the following group have all taken one trip around the sun with Crest: Jalisa Taylor (Howell), Jennifer Johnson (Willow Grove), Benjamin Hamilton (Cherry Hill), Jamie Eller (Cherry Hill), Eric Caro (Eatontown), Emily Szudera (Cherry Hill), and Daysia Delvalle (Deptford)

Happy Anniversary to Us!! Here’s to many more!

It’s Over!!

Welp, that’s all for February! I’ll be back in your face with some new stuff in a couple weeks, as we put the finishing touches on March! Special thanks to John Amon, without whom this would’ve been an even bigger eyesore. But with a little Continuous Improvement and the regular assistance of Mr. Amon (thanks in advance, John!), this will only get better. If you have any ideas for what’s missing from this newsletter, let me know! Maybe I’ll add it in next month. Or maybe I won’t and you’ll just have to write your own newsletter. Thanks for reading all the way to the end!!!













Sorry, I was lion. I had one last thing to show you!




And now it’s over!!!

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