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Welcome to SIMONIZED! TOO!! – the monthly newsletter for all things Crest.

March came and went in it’s typical fashion…In like a Simon and out like a lamb. April showers brought earthquakes and a 1-day heatwave. And now we get ready to storm into May with Memorial Day on the not-so-distant horizon. Which means more customers, more sales and more deliveries. We’re all about to become very busy, so while we still have a few minutes to relax, I present to you the second edition of the Crest newsletter! You’re welcome!!

March and April were thought-provoking months for everyone, as we received over 20 new idea submissions!!

Originally, we were going to wait until the end of June to start the official recognition process to reward the best ideas. But we’ve been so overwhelmed by the number of quality submissions, that we decided to move that timeline up a little. To right now!!

First and foremost, I would like to thank and recognize everyone who submitted ideas in the months of March and April: Ashley Picerno (St51), Daniel Sims (St56) – who submitted 3(!) ideas, Dave Katula (St9), Deb Margl (St7), Ian Frederick (St59), Jenn Demalik (St8), Matthew Edwards (St50), Michael Thomas (St53), Michael Wander (St8), Michelle “The Idea Machine” Kennedy (St51) – who submitted 4(?!) ideas, Rebecca Bucci (Dayton) – with 2 ideas, Stephanie Potts (Dayton) – also with 2 ideas, and William Tuttle (HUB) – similarly also with 2 ideas, too, as well!!

After much conversation and debate, we narrowed down the field by having each member of the Idea Network Decision Committee select a favorite. And then we had an arm-wrestling competition to determine the three finalists. It’s a very scientific approach. So here they are then, in no particular order!

Jenn Demalik – suggested that we look into “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment options for our customers. Think Afterpay, Klarna, Affirm, PayPal, etc. While we continue to do our due diligence on these options, we love the idea of being able to capture some incremental business!!

Daniel Sims – came up with the idea of getting our customers pre-approved for financing prior to coming into our stores. We’ve already done a lot of the legwork on this one and will hopefully be able to implement it soon. Imagine a customer coming in to your store, knowing exactly how much they can spend and knowing that they will pay it back with 0% interest?! We have 100% interest in that concept!!

Karen Mollo – thought of a way to save us some time, which is just as good as money! She, rightfully, pointed out that the processes for entering MDCs, Refunds, and Credit Memos are painfully inefficient and waste time for multiple people across multiple departments. We are now committed to rectifying that problem!

Each of these 3 brainiacs will receive $250 US Dollars as a “Thank You” bonus for helping us improve our business. I typed this too slowly to make it in this week’s paycheck, so look for it on May 17th!

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! Jenn, Daniel and Karen have all earned the opportunity to spin our Idea Network Prize Wheel for an EXTRA bonus of up to $1,000!!! US DOLLARS!!! We’ll be taking the Prize Wheel on the road (that’s right, it’s mobile!!!) to Eatontown, Conshohocken and Turnersville!!

And over to the right is an AI-generated image of “Raining money in a furniture store”. I especially like the one-legged lower body with no torso, which is still wearing a shirt for some reason. Great news everyone, AI will not be coming for our jobs any time soon. Are they all jumping? Or falling out of the ceiling…?


Speaking of the Idea Network, one of the many suggestions by Michelle Kennedy was to formally recognize National Take Your Child(ren) to Work Day. So we encouraged you all to bring your kids and some of you did! Check it out!

It was nice to see the kids showing an interest in skipping school and being weird in front of strangers! Based on the response, we will certainly look to enhance this program next year. It's a great way to indoctrinate inspire the kids to greatness. And who knows, maybe they are the future of Crest! We could always use a face painter or a....paper doll...? Sure, why not!

Crest Best!!

Service Representative of the Month!!

March’s Outstanding Service Representative was Blondell Harris. She is a relative newcomer to the Service Department [checks notes], no that’s not right. Blondell has worked here for ONE THOUSAND YEARS. And she’s still performing at a high level!

After a few top 3 finishes, this was surprisingly Blondell’s first win. She had an all-around solid month across all measurable categories, helping the Service Department increase their Service Level in March. Blondell continues to be an asset to Crest and especially to our Clifton Heights and Deptford locations, where she serves as the dedicated representative.

We look forward to having Blondell around for another ONE THOUSAND YEARS!!!

Delivery Driver of the Month!!

Julio Sanchez is in the building!!

Julio handled 748 pieces in March — more than any other driver — and still managed to successfully deliver every piece of furniture he touched! Julio has been a consistent mainstay for Alvarado Trucking for many years and we’re happy to have him servicing our customers.

As the last point of contact with our customer, driver performance is a huge opportunity to help improve the customer’s experience. Crest’s success is dependent on every person in every department doing their absolute best, and Julio’s excellence is the perfect example!!


Now, let’s take a moment to celebrate our Valued Employees who completed another trip around the sun with Crest in March:

Blondell Harris of Service — ONE THOU– I mean 20 years!!!

Carleen Miller of Fairless Hills — 7 years!!

Mark Feldman of Turnersville — 7 years!!

Christian Feise of Willow Grove — 5 years!!

Aaron Spratte of Delran — 5 years!!

Jason Sadler of Conshohocken — 3 years!

Mikale Garrison-Nelson of Willow Grove — 3 years!

Mariah Bialas — 3 years!

Jose Forero, Warehouse Manager — 2 years (on his 2nd tour of duty)!

Linda Cox of Turnersville — 2 years!

Michael Egbe of Conshohocken — 2 years!

Jeremias Bernard of Millville — 2 years!

And the following group had their very first Crestiversary: April Chambers (Millville), Kathleen Reeves (Delran), Barbara Graves (round 2!) (Cherry Hill), and Lisa Vick (Manahawkin). Congratulations on surviving celebrating your first year with Crest!!

Look, it’s Gene Serpentelli of Manahawkin showing us the minimum number of people he will call until he gets the answer he wants! And coincidentally, this happens to be Gene’s 25th year with Crest! He is one of the best at taking care of our customers and he doesn’t care who he has to annoy to make that happen!

In honor of Gene’s longevity and commitment, Mark Scott treated him to a fishing trip. No word on how many fish they caught, but we know that Gene is a keeper!






It’s Over!!

That’s all for March! And I guess we covered most of April, too. In the next newsletter, we’re thinking about starting a new feature where Genevieve takes a few minutes to stop yelling about inventory and answers your questions. Kind of like “Dear Abby” for furniture. Or not for furniture! Maybe you want Genevieve’s take on current events, or you want advice on how to explain the birds and the bees to your children. I dunno. Shoot me an email with your questions and I’ll make her answer them! Thanks, see you next month!















Wait, I thought of a joke. Why can’t AI sell sectionals?

.Because it doesn’t understand how to right face.



And now it’s over!!!

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