Measuring Guide

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Learn how to measure for worry-free delivery
Imagine finding the ideal sofa that perfectly aligns with your style and comfort preferences. The fabric is pet-friendly, the shade of grey is just right, and it offer sample seating for the whole family. But here's the crucial question: Will it fit?

We understand the disappointment of falling in love with a furniture piece, only to face the realization that it won't fit through your door. To spare you from such a predicament, we have crafted a comprehensive guide. It will equip you with essential measuring techniques to determine if the sofa you have your eyes on can seamlessly make its way into your living space.

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Measure for

Width (Side to Side)
The distance or length of the item that’s touching
or stretches across the wall.
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Depth (Back to Front)
The distance or length it comes out from the
wall and into the room.
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Height (Bottom to Top)
The length starting from the floor and
going to the top of the piece.
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Measure Your

Use a tape measure to determine the height (A) and width (B) of your entryway hallways and doors. Next, measure the entry clearance/depth (C).

Repeat for any walls or turns directly past the entry door. If elevator use is necessary to reach your apartment or condo, you will need to measure the elevator doorway and interior as well.

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Measure Your

For Sofas, measure the width (D) and diagonal depth (E).

The diagonal depth can be measured by using a straight edge from the highest point of the back frame to the front of the arm. Then measure from the bottom back corner of the sofa up to the point that bisects the straight edge.

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For tall case items like a display cabinet or bookcase, measure the diagonal height(F) at the widest point of the item, and the depth (G).
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Sofa width must be less
than entryway dimension A
or C
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Diagonal sofa depth must
be less than entryway B
Asset 4
Diagonal height must be less
than entryway dimension A
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or C
Asset 16
Depth must be less than
entryway dimension B
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If you are unable to locate or perform these measurements, kindly reach
out to a sales associate who will be happy to assist you.
Note: The guidelines above do not guarantee your purchase will fit through your entryway. Please also note any additional obstacles, such as ceiling fans, banisters, wall art, and walls or turns directly
past the entry door. We also recommend clearing the floor of any rugs or debris that might get in the way of delivery.